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The first ‘SpeedPainting with Len Hend’ video was filmed in 1979 and distributed throughout Australia and worldwide for many years, since then the original 6 lessons have been re-filmed and another 6 lessons added as ‘SpeedPainting Number 2′.
“SpeedPainting Number 1” cover
The original 6 lessons were well arranged and have proved to be an amazing stepping stone for those wishing to paint landscapes without having any previous training. These 6 lessons are still today, the easiest and fastest way to learn to paint in oils or acrylics.

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Price $37 includes post and package.

“SpeedPainting Number 2” cover
In the 6 exercises there is an emphasis on attaining the correct perspective in your painting. A matter often overlooked by many artists. We paint 5 small (14×10 inch approx.) paintings and finish with the final, more intricate scene of Byron Bay. (30×20 inch approx.)

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Price $37 includes post and package

Special discount price for SpeedPainting No.1 and SpeedPainting No.2
(12 lessons – 4 DVDs) $55 includes post and package.


The ‘PaintWithLen’ series of DVDs

6 DVDs, each containing a complete painting lesson, all with wide screen, high resolution video that will play on any computer or DVD player. NTSD available on request.
These are large, detailed paintings. The lessons show all the tricks and techniques needed to produce high quality paintings. The ‘PaintWithLen’ DVDs are available at $47 each or as a 6 DVD package at $195. Prices include post and package.
Here are the 6 DVDs.

“Chinny and the River”

A comprehensive lesson showing how to paint a typical river scene with gums along the bank and mountains in the distance. This lesson takes us well into color mixing to give us great contrast. The final result is an almost three dimensional painting and an excellent arrangement.

Running time 80 minutes

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“The Secret Rainforest”

(The Secret Rainforest DVD has 2 paintings)
The Secret Rainforest lesson will take you into another world. Using a few colors these simple but impressive pictures can be painted by beginners with amazing results. We work with white plus tints in the background, then full color (transparent green) in the foreground.

Running time 70 minutes approx

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“Painting For Pleasure”

Painting for Pleasure DVD is a painting exercise for everyone.
You can take your time with this; it has everything in it, sky, clouds, mountain, trees, water, hut, fence, road. We mix our colors from 3 colors and white only. Children can paint along with this one no problem.

Running time 1 hour approx

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“The Road To Mullumbimby”

This lesson is a comprehensive lesson showing how to paint a picture of an actual scene. ”When you reach the crest of the hill the view opens up and we see the beautiful Brunswick Valley with Mount Chincogan and Mullumbimby-the biggest little town in Australia.” A lot of information pact into this lesson.

Running time 70 minutes

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“Over The Mountain”

Over the Mountain DVD will teach you to paint a scene of the Western Plaines running out from the Blue Mountains NSW Australia. With the correct choice of colors we create a painting that looks like we are there. Not a hard exercise for beginners.

Running time 1 hour approx.

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“The Big Waterfall”

This lesson will guide you through a big painting of a waterfall with brilliant reflections of the water crashing down and colored rocks, we paint a large gum tree and water running off between and over rocks.The lesson is broken up into easy to follow chapters.

Running time 70 minutes approx

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7 Responses to DVD Tutorials

  1. Vera Entwistle AM says:

    I am very impressed with your techniques and as I am trying to return to oil painting after a number of years, I have purchased your set of dvd’s to hopefully restore my confidence. I look forward to receiving the dvd’s soon.

  2. Linda says:

    I just finished the 1st painting in ‘The Secret Rainforest’ – love it! Just the sort of thing I enjoy painting, and your wonderful step-by-step instructions make it such an exjoyable experience. I love the way I can complete one of these paintings in a day, or if time is an issue, I can take weeks. Thanks so much for another excellent DVD!

  3. jeriem g. kho says:

    Just starting paiting and im 40yrs of age.Your step by step instruction is east to follow.How ever im in the Philippines and wish to buy your dvd.How can I?
    Again thank you for this wonderful painting lesson.God Bless..

  4. Linda Keegan says:

    Hi Len how are you ? My kids have just bought me your dvds for Christmas, I can’t to receive them in the mail..
    I have been following your lessons on you tube..for a little while and have produced two wonderful
    paintings thank you so much for your help I love painting .
    I live in Melbourne and love travelling
    Merry Christmas . and a Happy new year 🙂

    • Linda Maher says:

      Hi Linda – you’ll love the DVDs. I went shopping in Moorabbin for some more art supplies yesterday – make sure you have lots of white! I’m hoping to complete another couple of the DVDs during January. Did you enjoy the storms here in Melbourne yesterday? Certainly made for an interesting Christmas – but I much prefer this weather to 40 degrees +. Have a great day – enjoy your painting!

      • lenhend says:

        Hi Linda – So glad you are enjoying your DVDs – I am in Chiang Mai, will be home soon for a few weeks – missed the OZ Christmas storms, they are a bit like a Christmas special as they seem to happen each year.

    • lenhend says:

      Thank you Linda – Bit late but Merry Xmas to you too, and Happy New Year. If you are ever travelling north, try to check out Mullumbimby. 0421181363

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